new year’s eve 2013

for new year we had our good friends, the Yochams fly in for a 5 day stay with us. kaylan and i have been friends since we both journeyed to south africa together 3.5 years ago.  our hubbys had met at our wedding a little over a year ago but this was the first time we all really could hangout for awhile.  they were instant friends, just like kaylan and i.  we had a blast with them here and weeks after they left we are still talking about how much we miss them. they were surprised by the cold up here since they live in texas but they still wanted to do things outside.

we went for a walk outside. austin went to afton alps to snowboard for 1/2 a day. kaylan and i got manicures.  we went to church. we went to a timberwolves game (kaylan and justin are HUGE bball fans.)  we went to the mall of america so they could see it and met up with our good friends the gerbig’s!  their cute little family – i could just stare at their new little ones all day.

Dphoto 2

Cphoto 1

Cphoto 5

Cphoto 2

Cphoto 3


Dphoto 1


we played games and made a fire. we went out to fun restaurants, made meals in and the guys even made hors’devours on new years eve for us (cute to see them in the kitchen!)

Dphoto 3

Dphoto 5

Dphoto 4we LOVE our friends. they are good people.

next time we see the Yocham’s, they will be parents! expecting in april. so happy for them! can’t to meet her.

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