the big 2-5

my main man , my sidekick, my PIC, my luuuhver – he turned 25 last week.

bday Jphotothere are so many reasons why i love this man.

so for his birthday, I made a series of 25 typographic cards, each with a reason why I love him.

Warning: this project is personal and sappy, but I had so much fun doing it.










on the morning of his birthday, i put these all around the house and he had to look & find them in order – he had fun!

and this past weekend, we celebrated with some friends in MN for dinner on Friday night, then I took him on a SURPRISE adventure for the rest of the weekend!

Friday night we got home from dinner around 9 and i spilled – we’re going to Chicago for the weekend, we leave on a bus at 11:45pm! So adventurous we are.  He was thrown off but very excited.  We packed a small suitcase, took showers like we were getting ready in the morning and boarded a bus headed for Chicago.  8 hours later we woke up in Chi-town, found the nearest Starbucks to put an extra layer on, freshen up and plan our day.  (I already had meals planned and told him of the reservations.)

chicago 6


chicago 7

New City Target.

we had brunch reservations at 11 at a place called Wildberry Pancakes & Cafe (voted best pancakes in Chicago – I say anywhere, they were so amazingly delicious.)

chicago 8

chicago 10

We got there and I told them we had reservations under Erinn and they said “party of 6?” , uh yeah the rest aren’t here yet. He looked at me, what who’s meeting us!?  I let it be a surprise so when his mom, dad, sister and bro-in-law walked in he was shocked!  we havent seen them in 7 months.  we had a yummy brunch with them. then walked across the street to the bean for a photoshoot.

chicago 3

chicago 2

chicago 14

then we went to the hotel to drop off our things. he didn’t know where we were going but when i spotted it i said, there it is! he looked and saw the hard rock hotel!  he was geeked. we walked in and there were guitars hanging on all the wall, and he even got to pick out a Fender strat to take to our room and play while we stayed there.  he can’t go anywhere without a guitar. (or a fan)

our next plans were pizza at 3.  we walked there and waiting in a separate room were 10 of his best friends who yelled SURPRISE when we walked in.  SO fun. thankful we pulled it off. he misses those people alot. they drove in from michigan to meet up with us! super special guy they did that for.

chicago 12


happy hearts on the way home. we were exhausted but it was so worth it.


2 thoughts on “the big 2-5

  1. How creative! These two were certainly meant for each other. And a side note to Justin … you picked a winner! That was certainly a super B-day. Can’t wait to see what next year brings.
    Nana DD

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