a “vacation” and a birthday.

last week, the hubby and i took a roadtrip to Michigan for a few days. he was asked to lead worship at his home church on sunday, which is always an honor and he gets to play with his best buds!  it happened to be the same week as my birthday, therefore we took a few extra days so i could celebrate the big 2-5 with friends and family.

the night before we left, J gave me my gift from him. i came home and a giant box all gift-wrapped was sitting on the dining room table. he took a video of me opening it and all my guesses – i guessed guitar first, then xylophone, then piano {when your husband is a musician, thats all you got on the brain when it comes to what he would buy!} it turned out to be a glockenspiel! {same as a xylophone but metal instead of wooden keys} 25 keys for my 25th – he’s a creative one.

i’ve always wanted a xylaphone! there are certain worship tunes we like that have xylophone/glockenspiel parts in them and i think they’re so pretty! now i can contribute to our musical little family and play with him during worship nights. im so excited.

wednesday we left at 3:30 in the morning and we got to see the sunrise on the roadtrip, somewhere in wisconsin – it was beautiful!


we got into michigan in the afternoon and that evening we stopped over to my friend Laura’s to see her new home they just bought, her new ring (he proposed a couple weeks ago) and her son, Elliot who is a little cutie man. we played music together. her house was adorable too!


{photo c/o our friend Kayla who also stopped by to see us!}

thursday was my birthday. we woke up and walked a mile each way to go to an old-fashioned donut shop that J used to go to when he did paper routes as a kid – nostalgia at it’s finest.


then we met up with my mom, sister and her friend for lunch in Grand Rapids. yummy mexican, walked around and got my free birthday drink from Biggby. it was so nice to have a relaxed lunch and open presents with my family for a moment. i had missed those sweet ladies very much! they got me some adorable handmade gifts, clothes and things from world market – which is one of my fav stores.

IMG_4252IMG_4250 IMG_4251

in the afternoon we stopped by my sis and bro-in-laws home to see their new renovations and hangout with our niece and nephew! we don’t get to see them nearly enough. Oliver was J’s little buddy, held his hand constantly and wouldn’t stop telling him stories -even when he was in the bathroom, cutie. and we hopped in the minivan with Jodi to pickup Jessica from school. we walked down the hall and she was surprised to see us! she came running and hugged us both. we got to see all the things they wanted to show us and even enjoyed a game of candyland before we headed out. those kids are crazy fun and we love them.

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 9.01.37 AM

{photo c/o @jodimichelle}

the night of my birthday J surprised me and we stayed at a B&B! it was so cozy and comphy! {i realize comfy is spelled wrong – the brand of sheets they used on the bed was comphy sheets and oh boy were they amazing!} we had a wonderful night and an amazing breakfast around a big table with the other guests and owners, sharing our stories. it was a wonderful time and we would love to go back one day!

IMG_4248 photo 1IMG_4249photo 2

oh and they had THE best chocolate chip cookies – ever!cookies

after we settled into the b&b we went to dinner just the two of us and then raced to the lake to catch the sunset {i absolutely love Lake Michigan!} we didn’t catch the sunset and it was freeeezing but im glad i still got to see it.


friday we had a meeting with the service producer for Sunday service at the best coffeeshop in Holland – we covet their chai smoothies. 🙂 {JP’s}


then we met the in-laws (j’s family) for lunch at 8th st. Grill – known for the super amazing soup bar. then my mother-in-law took me shopping for a bday present, that was so sweet of her.


later in the day J, me and his friend Danno headed to lansing, mi about a 1.5 hour drive to meet up with my cousin Chels, her bf and my bff Kassi. {who i havent seen in almost a year}

Dan & J stopped by a well-known guitar shop


we went to a cute organic diner for dinner with bottled sodas and unique food. then i rode back with Kassi to her new home in canton, mi {another 1.5 hours east} i stayed the night at her and her hubby Lance’s house in the cutest guest bedroom ever! {see photo }


Kass also made this cute purse for me for my bday – she is getting really good at sewing and is super talented!


saturday my mom and sis picked me up and we headed to royal oak, mi for a GIRL’S DAY. the weather wasn’t great but the company and memories sure were. we had an amazing brunch/lunch at cafe muse, checked out some local giftshops/boutique stores and went to the bean&leaf cafe for an amazing red roobios tea – probably my favorite drink ever! we also picked up cupcakes from taste.love.cupcake to bring home with us – this shop was featured on the show cupcake wars last year and won!

IMG_4253 IMG_4225 IMG_4216 IMG_4215cupcakephoto

when we got back to my moms place, i spent some time with my grandma nemo who was watching cooper for the day. had dinner with them and cuddled cooper as much as i could before J came to get me. after he picked me up we had to go back to our friends the willinks to get his stuff – all of his best friends were hanging out there and it was good to give hugs and catch up.

sunday J lead worship at Central Weslyan, his home church, and everything went awesome. our good friends from minnesota traveled to michigan so that Hannah could sing with J on sunday morning.  they are rockstar people. it was so fun to have them there with us.


after church we had a quick lunch with my mom, sis, grandparents and J’s parents.

photos of all of us right before we left.

ephoto 1 ephoto 2 ephoto 3

whew – that was a whirlwind just to document and i say “vacation” because as you can tell we were busy bees and tried to fit in as much as we could in 5 short days! we came home with filled hearts though and it was so worth it.

love and be loved!

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