Restoration Living

I am so completely honored to have some of my personal work featured on Restoration Living this week.

graphic designgraphic design5


go check it out:

The way I connected with the editors/owners is pretty cool.  Justin (my hubby) met Jon (the husband) through the worship leader network in the Twin Cities, and when they chatted about common threads of people we knew, they figured out that I went to college with his wife’s (Jen) sister  (Alli) in Michigan! Super small world.  Anyway, I met Jen and we talked about our work lives and my passions for using my art and design skills for the work of the Lord. It turned into a collaboration of me being a contributor to their site, Restoration Living.

I hope to continue working with them. They are doing wonderful things for the kingdom! Here is an excerpt from their site, speaking to what they are all about. I highly suggest you start to join their following!


We were created to be bright, awake, alive, loving, passionate and purposeful. We were created for an intimate relationship with our God and with one another. How is it that so many of us are living lives of isolation, exhaustion and aimlessness – seemingly hopeless despite the living hope inside of us?

When sin entered the world all those ages ago everything changed. God’s whole and holy world was altered and our relationship with him marred. As Christians our relationship with God has been restored. Still, the world remains broken and our daily lives are often left untouched by this transforming power.

Most Christians try to attend church, live by a set moral code and spend time with God. Quite often though our faith holds little influence over the details of our daily life. It’s not uncommon for issues of diet, resources, beauty and the environment to be relegated to the status of ‘physical’ while missing the central truth that everything is spiritual.

When we neglect this truth it is easy for life to become listless. Anything that isn’t ‘religious’ is approached with little thought or care as our lives become unhealthy, exhausting and aimless. We sleepwalk through much of our daily routine and wonder where is our energy? Where is our joy?

A holistic Christian worldview sees every part of life through the lens of our faith. It digs and discusses, trying to understand all of life in terms of God’s original desire. What is God’s intent for your health, your pace, your relationships? How you approach creation, respond to beauty, and open your home? Our faith isn’t silent on any of these issues – even if we, as believers, tend to be.

Restoration Living seeks to draw closer to God and to his original design for our lives. Restoration living is continually healing, repairing what was lost. It aims to inspire others as it serves as a restorative force in the world.

Restoration living is holy and beautiful, inside and out.

I invite you to join us throughout your week as we strive to engage every moment towards God’s restorative purpose. Broaden your outlook with unique perspectives on holistic faith from artists, pastors, health experts and more.


This is Jen from RL.

Enjoy the rest of the week!



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