christmas 2012

we spent this christmas in minnesota. my mom and sister, alecia came over from michigan for 4 days to spend christmas with us. it was so nice to have them here!

we had a girls lunch on christmas eve at the french meadow bakery  in uptown (one of my favs!) their coconut steamers are to die for.

photo 2 copy

Aphoto 4

Aphoto 1

Aphot 2

justin had 5 services over the weekend/christmas eve to lead worship at – to say he was exhausted afterwards is an understatement but he loved it and i thought the service was very moving this year! a beautiful depiction of jesus’s birth and his heart for us at christmas.

photo 4

photo 5

opening gifts was special. my mom made some thoughtful handmade gifts that she found on my DIY pinterest board – smart woman right there!

Aphoto 3

Bphoto 1

Bphoto 2

justin’s gift to me was super creative and well thought-out. he sure is a keeper!  i had to first open an envelope which said, “welcome to treat yo self” and to open each gift in a certain order. black, pink, blue, red then green.  in each bag was a rolled up paper tied with a ribbon that i had to open first.  these were 2 pages, the top page was a black and white photo of him with different parts of his body circled in a red pen (dont worry this isn’t what you’re thinking, dirty minds…) and the second page was a groupon! then in each corresponding bag was a gift that went with it. #1 his hands and feet were circled; the groupon was for a spa mani & pedi. in the bag were 2 nailpolishes, so cute that he picked them out! #2 his head was circled; the groupon was for a haircut and color at a salon. in the bag was this awesome microfiber hair bush that cuts blowdrying time in half! i need it with this thick hair. #3 he was turned around and his back was circled. the groupon was for a massage. in the bag was some good smellin aveeno lotion! #4 he circled his face. the goupon was for a facial and scalp massage (so excited for that!) in the bag was simple hydrating face lotion. (how good is he?)  the last one, #5 was his stomach circled. the groupon was for frozen yogurt, we love froyo places.  in the bag was a small box of chocolate truffles.  the gift series was called “treat yo self” but he actually knows how to treat me! such a thoughtful and creative hubby.

cmas treee


christmas party

we had our first christmas party at our home the Friday before christmas weekend.  it was so much fun!

we set up a photobooth for our friends to take fun photos and i made props for them to use.  we also had a hot cocoa bar, white and milk chocolate options – with toppings!

i really like to play hostess and get creative when it comes to parties.

we played the fishbowl game and had lots of laughs.  we have met some quality people here in minnesota. thankful for this group of friends.

hot cocoa bar

cmas party 4

cmas party 3

cmas party 2



cmas party

photobooth sign


cmas party 5

cmas photobooth for blog

nov. 27

november 27, 2012 was the one year anniversary of my daddys homecoming to heaven, his first “eternal birthday.”  we miss him so much.

for Thanksgiving this year I went to michigan to be with my mom and sister and to see the headstone my mom designed for him. it turned out beautiful.


on the day i wrote this post on facebook i had many lovely comments from precious, caring people. thank you for your support and encouragement, prayer and love through difficult and grieving times.

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 1.20.31 PM

i made this print for my mom on his birthday (aug 13).

nov27print framed on the wall




best memories of daddy and me time

new home.

we moved to a townhouse in July!  the lease on our 1 bedroom apartment was ending and we were looking for a new place to move to, still in woodbury (where we live).  some friends of ours came to us, had us “in mind” because a townhome was opening up and needed some renters.  they gave us a great deal, helped clean it out and update a few things: like carpet, paint and cleaning the air ducts – just like new!  we moved in July and have LOVED the extra space.  more room for company and guests. feels more like a home for us.

we live on a quiet small culdisac with a big name (buckingham bay), close to trails, woods and Carver lake.

new homefront porch

new home1first dinner out on our deck

more photos to come…

cake toppers

For our Wedding back in October, I wanted to do something fun and “us” for our cake toppers.  I had seen some cute ideas on Etsy of clay figurines to top the cake, but thought they were outrageously priced and “I could probably make those myself.”  So I did.


I created Justin with a guitar in his hands because it truly is another limb on him.  And I made a MacBook Pro to sit on my lap.  Being a designer, I am seen with this thing all. the. time.  But it was a little glimpse of us perched on top of our cake.  We loved it.  Had a lot of compliments on it that day as well.  We went with a whole little dessert table instead of serving the cake. So fun!  Being in the Fall, we had mini apple pies, vanilla and pumpkin cupcakes, cinnamon apple trifles, and the table turned out adorable. Thanks to our dessert caterer and good friend, Carrie.  Here is her blog:





I made pumpkins for us to lean up against. Again- fall theme.


We also had apple cider. Yum! That was a big hit.  This makes me miss our wedding day, I love reminiscing of it and the perfection it was.




So for my best friend’s wedding she asked me to make clay people for her and her fiance’s cake toppers.  I had so much fun with this one!  Lance was a stud athlete in high school so naturally, he wanted to be featured with a basketball and football in hand.  Kassi, wanted her little doggie, Harper by her side.  I loved how these turned out too. It was so fun to depict them for their big wedding day. They had a spread of all different kinds of Cheesecakes instead of a wedding cake.  It looked so cute all on display.  Late into the night, Kassi’s nephew (4) stole Harper and took him to play at his table.  Kid’s love clay, what can ya say!





They had a theme of “trees” so they leaned against stumps. So cute.




These are a really fun way to personalize your wedding day.  I have an order in now for a couple of birds for a cake topper. Should be fun to do something a little different.


I will eventually get these up on my Etsy site for future sales.  Until then, let me know if you or anyone you know would like this for their special occasions!


How sweet it is.

contact me if you’d like one made for your special day!

april 15

Usually April 15 is an intense day for many. Tax day! Even as I write this, I sit in a room writing where another meeting is happening.  A woman is meeting with her accountant talking about her taxable income, non-taxable things, and a bunch of other jibberish that is way over my head. One thing I heard her say was “Lord, have mercy on me.”  I pray he does, lady!


This day for me is very different ever since last year, it is the day my husband (then boyfriend) PROPOSED! One year ago today I was getting on an airplane in South Bend, Indiana going to see my boyfriend in Minneapolis for the weekend.  A fun trip.  But many of you know how crazy the story gets!

If you’d like to read about the story check it out here:


Anyway, just wanted to reminisce of that sweet day “April 15” that no longer will have a bad connotation in our book.



We have been married 6 months and have been through a lot, but seen God’s hand through it all.  It makes me so happy to see the joy on our faces in this photo!


Hope this day can be a little brighter for you all.

michigan lake

One of the things I miss most about our hometown is Lake Michigan.  (some think it’s an ocean if you’ve never seen it before)  It was one of my favorite places to go when I was little, I called it Michigan Lake. Oh, I was so cute.


So on our roadtrip back to Minnesota, we just HAD to stop and see this gorgeous body of water.  Here’s some photos from our pit stop.







I love my husband, he’s fun to vacation with.

ready. set. eat!

I was introduced to Meghan from! through my sister-in-law, Jodi from  Meghan was looking for a designer to help with her Etsy shop. Her shop is all about meal planning, (which I am very new to!)


I worked with Meghan on updating her logo and designing a banner that she loved.


First the logo



Then the banner




Here it is up and running on Etsy


Check out her shop here.


It was so fun to work with you, Meghan. Anyone else looking for a banner design for their Etsy shop, email me!

the Nine’s

One of my bridesmaid’s, Kassi got married this weekend!  She was in my wedding, and I got the honor of being “Matron” for her wedding. We met in high school and have gone through many of life’s milestones together. It has been a beautiful friendship that I treasure.


I got the chance to design their Save the Dates, Wedding invitations and the programs for the ceremony.  She did a great job picking bold and beautiful colors for Spring. Purples, blues and greens. It turned out wonderfully. I’ll share some photos of my work and then a little fun from the big day!


I came up with a logo for their wedding.  They wanted to theme of trees and their last name is Nine.  So they wanted the number everywhere! So cute.  I came up with this logo (in green on the invitations). They ended up using it also in the decor at the reception.  You’ll see a photo where the logo was cut out of material with it being lit from behind, it turned out awesome!



The programs I also designed…



Beautiful day!